Let’s cook together authentic Turkish dishes in a virtual, live online cooking class! I will be very delighted to have you at my kitchen virtually and show you how to cook my favorite dishes from Turkey.

In 2020 my dream was to welcome you to my kitchen for a small group or private cooking classes here in Istanbul. Even though it is not possible for now because of the pandemic, the situations created other possibilities. So I am excited to say that, upon your requests, I decided to give online Turkish cooking classes! I will be very delighted to make this experience and have you at my kitchen virtually to cook together.

Here is an example of my cooking class: Online Mantı Class
Please contact me first from nuraltan@ gmail.com


  • I will send the recipes to you in advance to follow along and take notes while I cook. (Before the online class begins, I suggest you make the preparations such as peeling and cutting so you will be more focused.)
  • It would be better if you can join from bigger screens like Ipad, computer or tv.
  • You are free to bring your friends along or cook with your husband-wife or kids etc.
  • If you are new to cooking or Turkish cuisine, I would recommend to watch and ask questions during the cooking class and follow up by cooking the meal at your convenience. But if you prefer, feel free to cook along with me. I would love it!
  • We will have a Live Q&A session at the end while we enjoy our menu.
  • Please contact me first from nuraltan@ gmail.com to check availability and for the payment. You will be on the list after the payment is received.
  • Cancellation and refund policy: There will be no refund. You can also join other classes if something special happened and you can’t come. ( Please mail me)
Turkish Cooking class with my followers


I am a native Turk, a food writer, a Youtuber (Check my channel), and a chef of my home in Istanbul. Cooking is my passion at an early age. I have shared more than 1000 recipes online since 2005 and I continue to make online content about Turkish cuisine, food, and travel both in English and Turkish while attending TV Shows on National Channels.

Our table after the cooking class we had with Traveler and Youtuber Jay Palfrey in summer 2020
Turkish Cooking Experience with British Youtuber Jay Palfrey

Here are some recipes to enjoy from my archive:
Turkish Style Leek & 30 Minutes Meal
20 minutes Turkish Bulgur Salad Kısır
Tantuni Wrap & Lavash
How To Make Lahmacun

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          1. Selam Dear!I am The Student Of Literature 1st class…And I am taking my online classes On Zoom…So I have This application In My Mobile Phone…Thanks Alot😍

  1. I’d love to join in on the zoom cooking vala class… please also have a lesson on the different types of doughs and textures… thanks
    As sometimes email is slow..

  2. One thing More…I am In undersage…So I Have No Bank Account I am just 17 years old…And that’s why I have No Id card no bank account so tell me How can I transfer Payment???

    1. Hi Lorena, Thank you for your interest. This will be the first cooking class but eventually, I will do more of the same according to the requests and different menus too hopefully. I also make private classes if requested.

  3. Asalamualikum how are you doing im British and I love Turkey I don’t cook im 13 years and I want to learn

  4. Asslamu alaykum, hi i am samim from India. Your videos are ossum and cooking too,love it ,Allah bless you dear.

  5. Merhaba Ayşenur! I love to cook. It’s art to me. And I really enjoy your shows. I make Iskender kebap at home with kofte or lamb kebap. I would love to learn how to make the real thing, at least as close as possible. Is it possible? Will you have a class on this topic? Do you have in person cooking classes in Istanbul? I thought about attending one, if offered, the next time I visit.

    1. Merhaba Mehmet,
      I am happy to hear you love cooking as I do 🙂 Yes, you can make Iskender kebab with a similar taste to the ones in the restaurants. It’s on my list to share the recipe including the homemade pide recipe. Since it has a couple of steps I am not sure how can I plan it for an online class. I made in-person classes before but since the pandemic, I haven’t started yet. You can still contact me for possibilities when you come from nuraltan @ gmail.com

  6. Assalamo alaykum sister. Ramadan kareem.

    I just found out your online classes and signed up but not sure if it is already too late. But anyway, I really love your posts and videos about Turkish cooking, food, culture and travel. Keep me updated if any new online classes in the near future.

    Also, I would be very interested in knowing about a typical Turkish kitchen, like what most people would stock in the cabinet, what appliances to buy like tea pot, coffee pots, and where to buy etc. It would be very helpful for those who are planning to live in Istanbul or anywhere in Turkey.
    Thanks & Ramadan kareem.
    Hong Kong

    1. Alaikum Salam, Ramadan Kareem. I am planning to make a new baklava class inshallah that I will inform from Youtube, Instagram. Let me add you to the mail list if you like.

  7. Merhaba Ayşenur,

    I’m in Istanbul now, taking courses to learn Turkish for 3 weeks. I’m follow you now for a year, and really like your content. I already tried to make baklava and Turkish coffee with the help of your videos, and it worked out pretty fine! But what I’m wondering if you do physical class courses? Maybe I can join one… Istanbul güzel bir kasaba mı btw! Like the rich vibe.

    Hope I hear from you!
    İyi günler.

    Lovely greetings,


    1. Hello Pim, hope you enjoyed your stay here and glad to hear you are trying my recipes.
      I’am sorry that I saw you message very late. Yes when it is requested I meet with my followers to cook. You can get more information by mailing me for the next time probably. [email protected]
      thank you

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