We continued to have fun in online cooking classes in February with a menu of the most popular dishes on Turkish cuisine. We cooked “Karnıyarık” stuffed eggplant dish, “Şehriyeli Pilav”; fluffy rice pilav with orzo pasta. we completed the menu with “Cacık”; Diluted yogurt with cucumber and fresh herbs.

Cooking together with my follower attendees was fun
The online cooking class was held via Zoom Meeting

The attendees received the recipe list and details before the class. On the class day; I began sharing the necessary preparations before the class with a private WhatsApp group. After the class, they were also able to ask questions while shopping for the ingredients.

Here are the January Cooking Class details and the menu

What did we cook on Turkish online cooking class?
  1. Eggplant Split Kebab “Karnıyarık”: Stuffed Eggplant Karniyarik is one of the traditional, and favorite Turkish dishes of all time. It is irresistible with the combination of ingredients and the presentation. It is best served with fluffy Turkish-style pilaf.
  2. Turkish Pilav (Rice) With Orzo: Turkish pilaf with orzo “Şehriyeli Pilav” is our favorite side dish at home. It goes well with almost any Turkish dish. It has a nutty flavor with browned orzo in butter. I give all the hints to make it fluffy.
  3. Cucumber Yogurt Sauce: Diluted yogurt sauce seasoned with fresh herbs and cucumbers

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  1. Hi, I’m Hungarian and I absolutely love Turkish cuisine. I’m going to Istanbul in January 2023, am already learning the language:-) Will you have another eggplant online cooking class? Or just any online cooking class? Thank you. Love, Judit

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