Known as the city of Ottoman princes, Amasya is one of the most charming cities of the Black Sea region of northern Turkey. Amasya is just like an open-air museum with its history of 7500 years, extraordinary atmosphere, natural and cultural assets surrounding the city.

We will visit famous local restaurants on our three-day trip, taste and learn about Amasya cuisine while exploring the beauty, history, culture, and nature behind it. Here is the best Amasya Guide from a local

In modern Turkey, Amasya gradually became a significant tourism destination for both local and foreign tourists in recent years. Amasya is also a green city with spectacular natural and historical attractions.

How to Get to Amasya?

Amasya is located in the northern part of Turkey and is neighbors to Samsun, Sinop, Çorum, Tokat, and Yozgat. The city, with its glorious history, welcomes its visitors with its helpful locals. You can come by plane to Merzifon Airport. If you want to come in your own car, from Istanbul, it takes about 725km and 8 hours passing through Bolu, Kastamonu, and Çankırı. In Amasya, most of the city’s attractions are within walking distance away from each other. You can use busses and taxis to get around the city.

Where To Visit in Amasya?

Arkeological Museum Of Amasya

Amasya Museum

Amasya Museum, also known as the Archaeological Museum of Amasya is a national museum in the center of the city, exhibiting archaeological artifacts found around the city as well as ethnographic items about the region’s history of cultural life.

Seljuklu Wooden Carved Art

Şeyh Hamdullah Writing History and Calligraphy Museum

Museum Of Caligraphy Art

Şeyh Hamdullah Writing History and Calligraphy Museum is the first and only calligraphy museum in the world. The most beautiful examples of calligraphy are exhibited in the museum, from Turkish Islamic Art.

In addition to transferring the development process of the writing starting from Egypt, Sumerian, Hittite, it is also introduced with the production stages of arts such as bookbinding, marbling, and illumination.
It is open to visitors from 08:00 to 18:00 every day.

Amasya Travel Guide: What To Eat?

There are many traditional dishes in Amasya. On my trip, I visited local chefs to learn about traditional and new popular dishes. The first restaurant I visited was “Amasya Anadolu Mantı Evi” Anatolian Manti House.

The owner of Manti House Medine Kürkçü

The owner Ms. Medine Kürkçü serves 8 different kinds of manti. She made 4 of them for us to film: Cherkez manti, Sinop manti, Hatuniye manti, and Turkmen manti. You can watch the first episode of my series.

Cherkez Manti

Cherkez Manti has potato filling. After boiling they saute in pul biber sauce to give extra flavor. Sinop manti has minced meat filling and topped with chopped walnuts.

Hazeranlar Konak Mansion House

Are you interested to learn more about Ottoman and Turkish culture how they lived, the design and architecture of their konak houses? Then you should definitely visit Konak Mansion house Hazeranlar Konağı to see an example of an Ottoman house.
The Sahzadash museum which is close to the Hazeranlar konağı will give information about princes closer that trained to become Sultan in Ottoman Empire.

Traditional Amasya and Ottoman Dishes

If you are curious about what princes and sultan’s favorite food were you can watch the second Amasya episode and learn to cook three traditional Ottoman dishes With local chef Murat Devek.

Where To Stay At Amasya?

There are many beautiful konak house-style hotels in Amasya. We stayed at Beyoğlu Hotel which is in the center of the town and has a beautiful river and mouth Harşena view. The staff was friendly. You can get more details from here:

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