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Turkish Style Beef Stir fry “SAC TAVA” / Sac Tawa

“Saç Tava” or Tawa is one of the traditional specialty dishes of Turkish cuisine. This Beef stir-fried with vegetables, known as a pre-wedding dish in some regions, and you can find it in most Turkish restaurants. It is cubed meat, beef stir fry in special tawa pans, with onions, tomatoes, green peppers, and some spices….

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Turkish Stuffed Cabbage Rolls “Lahana Sarması”

Let’s make spicy, Turkish-style stuffed cabbage rolls “Lahana sarması.” Stuffed cabbage rolls are a popular and traditional dish in Turkey. We have different recipes but mostly have two varieties, one with ground meat and a vegan version without meat (as an olive oil dish). In this episode, I will make it with ground beef and…

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Potato Flatbread: Velibah / Aloo Paratha

Tempting flatbread filled with a good size ball of delicious potato filling. It’s called “Velibah” in Turkish but it’s known as a Circassian Borek type. It is very easy to make, no oven needed. We are going to cook it on a griddle or pan. Enjoy it with your breakfast, lunch, or any time of…

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Turkish Style Chicken Yakhni With Vegetables

Turkish Style Chicken Yakhni With Vegetables is a quick, and healthy chicken dish ” It is one-pot, very easy to make. You can use any part of the chicken preferably with bones and experiment with other vegetables too. Ingredients For Turkish Style Chicken Yahni (Yahkni) (For about 4 servings) 6 chicken drumstick or thigh (I…

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Chicken & Rice With Chickpeas – Turkish Street Food

In Turkey, we have many street foods on the rush like simit, lahmacun, çiğköfte, and of course doner kebab. But there is one street food that will comfort you like you are eating at home is “Tavuklu Nohutlu Pilav” Chicken Rice with chickpeas. You can see this street food on every corner, usually near the…