After sharing more than 1000 recipes in Turkish, as I was getting more requests from my foreign followers, I decided to create videos in English. Living in this beautiful country and being a part of this rich culture and cuisine, I am also eager to show you every part of Turkey. Many of you are requesting to meet with me. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have you in my place in Istanbul, cooking together and having fun? Hope shortly

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I’ve had a happy childhood in Istanbul, being passionate about trying new recipes at home with my mom when I had the chance from school. Then I met my husband and we lived in NY USA for 6 years. There I continued to practice my skills in my own kitchen with the influence of the US, Turkish community, and other cultures.

When I look back now I see that I always loved both cities from my heart because of their similarities and unique differences

On The Media:

The Turkish YouTube star bringing unseen Turkey to the world by revealing its diverse food and culture, and the kindness of its people
  • What started as a blog for sharing Turkish recipes with compatriots in New York evolved into the successful YouTube channel Turkish Food Travel for Aysenur Altan
  • Now based in Istanbul, Altan explores offbeat parts of Turkey in English-language videos that delve into the country’s food and thoughtful culture

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Had the pleasure of hosting visitors from Thailand in my home studio kitchen filming a documentary about Turkey, its rich history, culture, and cuisine. I prepared some delicious Ottoman cuisine dishes, and we had an engaging conversation about the history of our cuisine. Can’t wait to see the episode!