Turkish Eggplant Moussaka “Patlıcan Oturtma”
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Turkish Eggplant Moussaka “Patlıcan Oturtma”

We are proud of having more than 150 eggplant dishes in Turkish cuisine, including karniyarik, imam bayildi, kebabs, salads, and more. And eggplant moussaka, as we say, “patlıcan oturtma / or patlıcan musakka” in Turkish, is one of the most common ones you can find in-home cooking Ingredients: 1 kg. preferably medium-size eggplant (big ones…

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Easy Ramadan Turkish Iftar Menu With Koftah & Potato New Way

It’s the first day of Ramadan, and for the whole month, Muslims fasts during the day. So the iftar “dinner” times become more festive gatherings for us. I will share a complete iftar menu with you with an Ottoman lentil soup “Çeşminigar Çorbası,” Kofteh with potato and yogurt puré “Köfteli Patates Paçası” from the Black…

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Turkish Style Beef Stir fry “SAC TAVA” / Sac Tawa

“Saç Tava” or Tawa is one of the traditional specialty dishes of Turkish cuisine. This Beef stir-fried with vegetables, known as a pre-wedding dish in some regions, and you can find it in most Turkish restaurants. It is cubed meat, beef stir fry in special tawa pans, with onions, tomatoes, green peppers, and some spices….

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Turkish Stuffed Cabbage Rolls “Lahana Sarması”

Let’s make spicy, Turkish-style stuffed cabbage rolls “Lahana sarması.” Stuffed cabbage rolls are a popular and traditional dish in Turkey. We have different recipes but mostly have two varieties, one with ground meat and a vegan version without meat (as an olive oil dish). In this episode, I will make it with ground beef and…