Muceddere – Bulgur Rice With Green Lentils
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Muceddere – Bulgur Rice With Green Lentils

An easy vegan friendly iftar/dinner menu with local traditional dishes from the Southeastern part of Turkey Gaziantep. The main dish is “Muceddere” A bulgur rice with green lentils. Muceddere or “Müceddere” as we write in Turkish, is a meal on its own, full of flavor and nutritious. But I wanted to serve it with mom-style…

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Turkish Borek For Lazy Afternoon: Amazing Result

Do you want to try Turkish borek, but without rolling pin, oklava, or ready phyllo sheets? The easiest way you can make it from scratch! Then this borek recipe is for you! Make it with a thin dough, cooked like a crepe, and fill it with any filling you want. What is börek / borek?…


Galataport Istanbul Guide

Istanbul’s new mega cruise port Galataport is located in the heart of Istanbul in the waterfront neighborhood of Karaköy Tophane. It is more than a cruise port, transforming historical city harbor into a place to eat, discover the art, and shop while enjoying the Bosphorus view. The Location and Transportation Galataport is located right across the…