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Turkish Traditional White Bean Stew

Turkish white beans with stew is a traditional, well-known dish in Turkey. Widely served in Turkish restaurants and houses. With small hints, it is easy to make and so delicious especially with fluffy pilaf. It is one of the most cooked and loved dishes in Turkey for both rich and poor. Ingredients For White Beans…

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Turkish Style Leek & 30 Minutes Meal

I made 30 minutes meal in this episode. Beginning with a traditional tarhana soup, leek dish with ground beef, and whole wheat spaghetti with tomato paste sauce. As a side dish I take out pickled cabbage that I made before and as a dessert 2 ingredient fig pudding which is a traditional dessert we call…

20 Minutes Turkish Bulgur Salad “Kisir”
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20 Minutes Turkish Bulgur Salad “Kisir”

We are making popular Turkish Bulgur Salad “Kisir” in 20 minutes with fresh greens and spices. As a menu along with kısır, I wanted to prepare a Turkish Ladies Tea party concept 🙂 So I made the first thing that comes in mind, borek with white cheese and completed the menu with stuffed grape leaves…