Turkish Style Potato Salad |  Vegan
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Turkish Style Potato Salad | Vegan

Make potato salad Turkish style with simple ingredients. It’s a healthy and vegan salad recipe. The dressing doesn’t have any mayonnaise or yogurt and the fresh herbs and seasonings make the difference. Ingredients For Potato Salad: 6-7 medium-size potato cooked skin on a handful of fresh parsley a handful of dill (optional) 4-6 spring onion…

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Turkish Borek From Scratch

So excited to share this crunchy layered, buttery, feta cheese filled borek recipe from scratch! Don’t worry there is an easy way to make all these thin phyllo dough layers together. This borek recipe is called “baklava borek” because of the look, taste, and similar method of making it. We will use starch to make…

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Turkish Stuffed Grape Leaves Yaprak Sarma / Dolma

Stuffed grape leaves “Yaprak Sarması” is one of the traditional and popular appetizer olive oil dish in Turkey. This vegan recipe comes back from Ottoman Cuisine. “Yaprak” means leaves and “sarma” means to wrap. To make stuffed grape leaves “Sarma” the most common leaf we use is a grapevine leaf and I am going to…