Purslane Salad Recipes: Two Turkish Way!
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Purslane Salad Recipes: Two Turkish Way!

Make delicious purslane salads for dinner, lunch, and all times of the day! They’re so simple and amazing salads! Purslane is a very healthy green full of vitamins and minerals. I usually prefer to make them fresh to keep their value. I am going to show you two purslane salad recipes we make in Türkiye….

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Turkish Borek For Lazy Afternoon: Amazing Result

Do you want to try Turkish borek, but without rolling pin, oklava, or ready phyllo sheets? The easiest way you can make it from scratch! Then this borek recipe is for you! Make it with a thin dough, cooked like a crepe, and fill it with any filling you want. What is börek / borek?…

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Make Legendary Turkish Pide recipe at home! This Mediterranean flatbread with toppings like minced meat, cheese (Margherita), or spinach will be your new favorite appetizer, weekend party food, or as a meal, even pizza lovers! You don’t have to buy it anymore! 🙂 Ingredients For Turkish Pide Recipe: FOR THE DOUGH: 2 cups lukewarm water…