Chicken & Rice With Chickpeas – Turkish Street Food
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Chicken & Rice With Chickpeas – Turkish Street Food

In Turkey, we have many street foods on the rush like simit, lahmacun, çiğköfte, and of course doner kebab. But there is one street food that will comfort you like you are eating at home is “Tavuklu Nohutlu Pilav” Chicken Rice with chickpeas. You can see this street food on every corner, usually near the…

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Suleymaniye Mosque Complex From Local Eye

Explore The Suleymaniye Mosque & Complex with a local eye. We will walk around the Suleymaniye Mosque together with my tour guide friend. See inside the mosque, the Tomb of Suleyman The Magnificent and Hurrem Sultan (Roxalana), the hall area with never seen details, and more… Where is Suleymaniye Mosque: Who is Sultan Suleyman?…