Muceddere – Bulgur Rice With Green Lentils
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Muceddere – Bulgur Rice With Green Lentils

An easy vegan friendly iftar/dinner menu with local traditional dishes from the Southeastern part of Turkey Gaziantep. The main dish is “Muceddere” A bulgur rice with green lentils. Muceddere or “Müceddere” as we write in Turkish, is a meal on its own, full of flavor and nutritious. But I wanted to serve it with mom-style…

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Easiest Roasted Chicken With Vegetables

Whole roasted chicken has always been a feast on the table. You can shorten the baking time of the whole chicken with an easy cutting method I’ll give. Along with vegetables on the side, it is a perfect quick main dish for busy days. It’s a perfect alternative for rotisserie chicken as well. Ingredients For…