Turkish Pilav With Orzo | Best Turkish Side Dish
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Turkish Pilav With Orzo | Best Turkish Side Dish

Turkish pilaf with orzo “Şehriyeli Pilav” is our favorite side dish at home that goes well with almost any Turkish dish. With browned orzo in butter, it has a nutty taste and with hints, it is very fluffy. Pilav has an important role in Turkish cuisine. There is no good Turkish menu that is complete…

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Turkish Stuffed Grape Leaves Yaprak Sarma / Dolma

Stuffed grape leaves “Yaprak Sarması” is one of the traditional and popular appetizer olive oil dish in Turkey. This vegan recipe comes back from Ottoman Cuisine. “Yaprak” means leaves and “sarma” means to wrap. To make stuffed grape leaves “Sarma” the most common leaf we use is a grapevine leaf and I am going to…

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Turkish Kofte With Eggplant Base & Tomato Sauce

I have an easy to make festive dish Turkish koftes with eggplant base and tomato sauce. It has a bechamel like a puree base with eggplants and Turkish style meatballs kofte on top with tomato sauce and topped with kashar cheese before it goes to the oven.With all those layers it turns out so yummy…